Australian Joel Greasley

by Jay Austin

Photo by Harol Baez

Joel is a young 24-year-old Australian actor and model who has great promise of living up to being one of Australia’s great talents. I remember seeing a photo of him for the first time and thinking, this guy is one of the most gorgeous guys I’ve ever seen. While he’s got the looks and building great fame, he is also very down to earth and a really sweet guy to talk to. I hope you guys enjoy my interview with him as much as I was excited when he said he would do it!

PrettyMaleModels: First things first, let’s get some basics out of the way. What are your stats (age, height & weight, hair & eye color)? What is your hometown? Where do you currently reside?  What agencies represent you?
Joel Greasley:
I am 23 years; I stand at 6″1. I weigh 87kg at the moment for photo shoots, (got to stay lean). I have blonde hair and blue eyes.

PMM: At what age did you start modeling and why/how did you come to choose modeling?
I started when I was 21 thanks to my eldest brother Ryan who introduced me to a wonderful photographer called Simon Le. At the time I was just after head shots for acting, then Simon saw great things in me and it all just kept going from that day. Plus, people seemed to like the photos so I stuck with it and met some amazing people because of it.

Photo by Harol Baez

PMM: Have you attended college? If so, did you finish? and what did you study?
No, I can’t say I’ve attended college. What I wanted to wasn’t necessary for me to go to college. However, I do study acting and take that very seriously.

PMM: You have a fantastic body & and gorgeous eyes! What do people say is your best physical feature? What about your body would u change?
Well thank you very much! Ughh, I’d have to say my back or chest usually get the most recognition haha. If I could change one thing about myself? Maybe to get a tattoo removed from my arm. Haha, apart from that I don’t know if I’d change anything. I mean I’m far from perfect but I can’t change anything so I don’t let it even cross my mind.

PMM: Do you ever feel timid or shy in front of the camera?
Definitely not, the photographers I’ve worked with are amazing people so it’s more fun and exciting than anything.

PMM: What are your interests outside of modeling?
I love acting, movies, reading, gym, spending time with friends and family. Family is a big part of my life, I love my family.

Photo by Rick Day

PMM: Your brothers Ryan and Todd are also models, were you three competitive growing up? If so, has that carried over into your modeling careers?
We’ve always been strong minded dreamers. The thought of one of us not achieving all we want in our life would upset us. We’ve always been close and we have always wanted the best for each other. So no, competitiveness is non existent between us.

PMM: You have also done some acting in Australia, what has been the key to sustaining success in such competitive arenas as modeling and acting?
Being persistent, positive mindset, getting out there and meeting new people but overall, you must believe in yourself.

PMM: Describe your personal style. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
To be honest with you… I get the most inspiration from my dreams and goals and who I want to become.

Photo by Thomas Synnamon

PMM: You’ve worked with many of the great’s in the photography world. My favorite would have to be your work with Thomas Synammon, tell me about working with him.
Yeah he is a wonderful person and very passionate photographer! I met him in New Jersey where he resides and instantly connected with him. He is such a nice guy and has such a great vision for the shots we did. I shot with him for a few hours then went out for lunch. I was meant to shoot with him again but I ran out of time. Very disappointing but I’ll be sure to make more time for my next visit. Did I mention how nice he was?!

PMM: There are many stereotypes that come with being a model. Tell us one that you find to mostly be true and something that is a common misconception.
A misconception is definitely that everybody thinks I’m a certain way as soon as they hear I model. They think I would be arrogant and love myself too much. Something that’s true? You can make good money haha.

Photo by Thomas Synnamon

PMM: Good looks seem to run in your family, is it something in the Aussie water or good genes? Haha
Haha yeah I hear this quite a lot! My brothers are handsome looking men can’t deny that! Must be something in the water.


  • US city: I’ve always loved New York even before I went there haha, but for me; San Fransisco!!
  • Country to visit: Italy
  • Brand of Underwear: Definitely Calvin Klein
  • Style of Underwear: Boxer Briefs
  • Clothing Designer: Tommy Hilfiger
  • Retail Store: Can’t say I have one
  • Bedtime Attire: Boxers

PMM: Besides a nice body and skilled photographer, what are the keys to making a photo hot & exciting?
Being okay with any direction given and confidence in yourself. Confidence is a big thing, if you don’t have it… It will show.

PMM: Are there any big projects in the works that you can tell us about?
I’d love to be able to say yes I can tell you but ultimately that could go bad.. So I’m going to say yes and leave it at that. Won’t be long before I can tell you all about it.

PMM: What is the one issue that could make you a political activist?
Equality! Definitely! On all matters; race, sexuality, religion or belief, gender, disability! I don’t know where humans went so wrong, we are all interconnected with each other. Why not embrace that and conquer the bigger problems in this world.

PMM: How can our readers keep up with you on social media?
Definitely follow me on Instagram; @joel_greasley. I post on my Facebook also.

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