Axel Andrews: Male Entertainer With A Touch of Drag

by Jay Austin

Axel Andrews has always been one of my favorite drag performers. I first discovered him on Instagram and was instantly a fan! I got the opportunity to interview him recently and I gotta say, I did a little happy dance inside haha!

Learn about his first time in drag, his crazy fans and some misconceptions of drag. Happy reading!

Tell us about you; where you’re from, how you got into drag, etc. Just a little bit about you in general.
My Name is Axel Andrews, Son of Roxxxy Andrews and grandson of the legendary Erica Andrews. I was born and raised in a little city on the west coast of Florida named Seminole. I was born into a loud Italian family with 3 sisters. I moved to orlando in 2007 to attend UCF where i later dropped out to pursue better things… like drag and bartending lol.

After moving I became active in the Orlando gay community almost immediately, meeting a lot of new faces, some which were constantly caked with makeup. Having an artistic drive as long as i can remember, I became friends with the local Queens, thus leading to my experimenting with my character. I worked at Pulse Orlando for 8 years and an entertainer and bartender. I’m currently a Host at Southern Nights Orlando on Tuesdays and Thursdays and traveling whenever I can. Myself and my good friend Bobby Mills are responsible for an annual charity event called “Dancing with the Queens”. We’ve managed to raise almost $40k total in the 4 years for the Hope and Help Center, who specialize in helping those who live with HIV or AIDS.

Tell us about your first time in drag?
My first night in drag was a train wreck, but for a great cause. A club kid friend of mine asked if i’d like to participate in his annual charity event to raise money for the American Cancer Society. He noticed i had been showing a lot of interest in the art of drag and extended the opportunity to me. That was the birth of this monster lol.

Describe your routine getting ready?
Getting ready for me is just as much work as a full blown drag queen. Though I don’t pad, wear tits or heels i still wear wigs and paint my mug just as fierce. I start my night with a nice hot shower where i shave the necessary areas and prep myself for what’s next. I send my music for the night to my DJ, Pack my bags and head to the bar where I would paint and get ready. I’d look a tan Marilyn Manson if i shaved my eyebrows, so I start off by gluing those suckers down. Then I beat myself in the face until show ready. I pin in whichever mohawk i decided on and get dressed.

When you enter a room, what song should be playing?
I’d loose it if i could hear any My Chemical Romance song playing as I stroll in.

What is your favorite song to lip-sync? Why?
I’d have to say Thanks for the Memories by Fall Out Boy. It gives me all of the energy I need to perform for just about anyone. It’s the type of song I could perform with my eyes closed and a million people watching.

Can you describe your most nerve-wracking experience?
My most nerve-wracking experience would have to be walking in the Marco Marco Fashion show in Miami. That was the first time i’ve had to model someone else’s work in drag, with a bunch of Drag Race Alumni. I didn’t want to embarrass myself. Don’t worry, I did haha.

Where do you take your inspiration from?
I typically get inspired for the music I love. I like my looks to appear confident, almost dominatrix at time. So ill often develop a costume/look based off of something striking or bold.

What is a common misconception about drag?
There are a million misconceptions that I could say, but personally with my “Drag” a lot of people tend to think i’m a queen with a beard. When in reality i’m a mix between a drag queen and a male entertainer. I only perform music sung by male artists and consider myself a masculine entertainer with a drag twist.

What are you most known for?
I’d say my overall style. I’m an androgynous character with a distinct brand. Specifically i’m most known for my Mohawks, Chest revealing costumes and song choices.

Tell us about your craziest fan experience?
The most memorable fan experience I’ve had was when i was traveling. A young girl ran to me crying with my T-shirt on. She was in tears because she was so excited to meet me. She informed me the my confidence as this different character helped her through a personal time in her life. It was really hard for her to control herself around me.

How often do you go out not in drag?
Besides specials events or benefits, I’m typically out of drag unless I have a paid booking.

What is your typical “boy” going out outfit?
I’d say a cute tank top with skinny jeans and high top shoes.

Do people recognize you out of drag when you go out?
Yes, Constantly in Orlando. My Boyfriend is always teasing me about knowing “everyone”.

Your Favorite:

  • Movie: James and the Giant Peach
  • Drag Queen: My Mother, Roxxxy Andrews
  • Alcoholic drink: A fresh Moscow Mule
  • Fast Food: A cheap slice of authentic New York Pizza

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