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Black Rose Photography: The Interview



Hello everyone, for all intents and purposes you can call me Morgan Le Shade. Haha, see isn’t that an interesting name? I’m a freelance photographer and the owner of Black Rose Photography based out of Tampa, Florida.

What got you interested in photography?
I’ve always liked looking at photos. I’ve always been a visual person. So when I eventually owned my first camera things just took off from there.

Who influences your photography? Why/How?
I have a lot of influences. One of my biggest was my old college professor by the name of Rodney Roberts who was one of my biggest inspirations. I also have inspirations like Ethan James, Scotty Kirby, Preston Bufford, Magnus Hastings, my friend Taylor Brumfield and Eric Magnussen just to name a few.

You’ve done a few nude shoots, what are your thoughts on nude male photography?
Honestly I used to be terrified at the thought of nude photography especially of another male but after doing a few it became very natural and no longer intimidating. I think it’s a very fun and enjoyable form and genre of photography.

Tell us about your most memorable photoshoot. Do you see photography as becoming a full-time career?
To be honest I know it sounds cheesy but I consider almost all my shoots memorable in some way. Sure some were more memorable than others but in the end they all had some pretty amazing lasting effect on me.

What equipment do you currently shoot with?
I use a few basic softboxes, seamless colored background paper for certain shoots and I currently shoot with Nikon D3200. Yes I know that may not seem fancy but the equipment doesn’t make the photographer.

How can our readers see more of your work?
You can find me all over. You can find me on…

If someone reading this lives near you, how can they contact you to book a shoot?
The best way to contact me is through my Facebook page I mentioned earlier. I respond pretty quickly

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