David Perre for Sexiest Bartender

by Jay Austin

Nobody can keep their eyes off of the trapezius, pectoralus major, latissimus dorsi or—especially—the gluteus maximus of the sizzle-icious 22-year-old David. (C’mon! Have you seen ‘em?) He starting bartending when Club VOLT opened in 2017.

As a five-year Liposarcoma survivor, David raises money and awareness for others dealing with invisible illnesses. He stays busy by working out, (you don’t think those muscles just happen, do you?) with his boyfriend, hiking, art, architecture, building things on Sims video games, and scary movies.

Last year David won this contest’s “Talent” category of the competition as well as appearing as the contest’s cover boy for ION.

This dream machine is one to watch out for. David threw down the gauntlet. “I’m ready to raise thousands of dollars for RipplePHX,” he said. Look out!

Head over to RipplePHX.org to donate!

Source: https://www.ripplephx.org/david_perre/

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