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Develop Your Fitness Game and Outsmart Your Genetics!

Develop Your Fitness Game and Outsmart Your Genetics!

With beach weather almost here, I wanted to write a series of articles focused on body fitness. Whether you’re a gym junkie or new to the fitness world, the first and most powerful thing you need to do is educate yourself and develop your game plan. All too often I see gym goers with incorrect form, unfocused effort, and eating habits not matching their fitness goals. For me, what brought the most success in the gym was self-education myself and coaching from others. Everything from reading fitness books/magazines,  to watching YouTube videos, and even hiring a personal trainer. Knowledge is power!

So, what is step one of your fitness game plan?

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Dylan Handy

HI There! I am Dylan Handy! I am a passionate health enthusiast, fitness fanatic, zealous social influencer, and a motivated entrepreneur. My commitment is to health/wellness and fitness. My motivation is helping others find the inspiration and knowledge to improve all aspects of their lives.

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