Dream Chaser Kyle Gorsuch

by Jay Austin

Here comes Kyle! Feast your eyes on the amazingly fit Kyle Gorsuch and his long glorious hair. The 24 year old trainer is on a mission to become a widely known model and he’s well on his way. In this interview, you’ll learn more about Kyle’s journey, what led to Kyle getting into modeling, his philosophy on training and other fun facts. Accompanying the interview are photos of Kyle that were taken by the talented photographer Edwin J. Lebron. Enjoy!


  • Weight/Height: 170/ 6’0
  • Eye Color/Hair Color: Hazel/Brown
  • Age: 24
  • Hometown: Rapid City, SD
  • Current City of Residence: Denver, Colorado
  • Any pets? What type and what are their names? Morkie, Bella
  • Agency representation: CC Model Management

At what age did you start modeling and why/how did you come to choose modeling?

Kyle: At age 21 I started modeling. The reason I started was because my family owns a fitness facility and my passion for this sport just kept growing. One of my idols Greg Plitt was the number 1 fitness model in the world and one of my friends one day said you could do that! So I booked a shoot and boom went from there!

What kind of previous jobs and/or education have you done that you would like to share?

Kyle: I have my 2 year associates degree. Basically my jobs/life have never really gone outside fitness/health. It’s what I love to do and help others.

Later in life, what are your career aspirations?

Kyle: Be a very well known model/trainer. Make The Weight Room & Cardio Fitness a popular gym where people around the world want to come train there!

How often do you workout? What is your philosophy on diet & exercise?

Kyle: Every day! I take a rest day only when I can tell/feel my body needs it. I feel like I’m more towards the healthy living side of fitness instead of what a lot of fitness people call GAINS. I just firmly believe in feel good look good and a lot of that means a clear mind. On the exercise side, I incorporate all different types of training into one. Just always changing it up and confusing the body.

What is your biggest vice in life? What are your favorite sin foods?

Kyle: That’s a hard question. I try to block all negativity out so I would say just bad food.   Ahhhhh most definitely donuts!

What physical aspect do you think most people mention first as being attractive about you? What is one thing about your body you most wish you could change?

Kyle: For sure my hair. And to change, my calf muscles.

What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

Kyle: Just slowly watching myself climb higher and higher to where I want to be.

How would you describe your personality in 3 words?

Kyle: Motivated, Friendly, Caring!


  • US city: Miami
  • Foreign country to visit: Thailand
  • TV show: Daredevil
  • Musical act/group: Drake, Bryson Tiller
  • Actor: Will Smith
  • Actress: Chloe Moretz
  • Brand of athletic shoes: Nike, Chuck Taylors
  • Brand of underwear: Calvin Klein
  • Brand of Jeans: No brand, just style
  • Video Game: Any sport

Most nights, what do you wear to bed?

Kyle: Briefs

When you leave the house, how often do you opt to go commando?

Kyle: Never

Besides a nice body and good photographer, what are the keys to making a photo hot & exciting? 

Kyle: Both the model and photographer just vibing together making art.

How does it feel knowing that you have fans around the world that view you as a sex symbol?

Kyle: Don’t look at it like that. Just so wild to say you have fans!

Have you got any photographers that you aspire to work with?

Kyle: Whoever that would love to work with me!

What’s next for Kyle Gorsuch?

Kyle: Stay on the lookout!

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