Handyman Health

by Dylan Handy

First, thank you all for all of your support over the years. Today I am so excited to share something I have been working very hard on! For years I have wanted to create a platform to help encourage and motivate others to invest in themselves. A place to encourage self development within oneself. A safe place to develop unity and personal growth. In recent times, we’ve seen a lot of hate and division. It has inspired me to reach a goal of mine, which is to develop and maintain a personal blog focused on improving your life. A blog dedicated to personal growth, health, wellness, fitness, and civil rights. I am not claiming to be an expert, however, I am incredibly passionate about these things as they have changed my life drastically. I’ll share my stories and my life experiences; It be real, at times brutally honest, and educational.

My motivation is to help others find the inspiration and knowledge to improve all aspects of their life. I firmly believe once we invest in ourselves, then we can help others around us. If this blog helps motivate just one person, then it was worth it to me.

So join me on this mission in finding what life’s all about: love, health, unity, and happiness!

An Excerpt from “My Challenge to You: Be Present!”

Life comes at us quick. From endless work schedules that drain us of our time, to eventful weekends with friends that never seem long enough, or family vacations that end in a flash. Life happens quick, fast, and if you’re not paying attention it will pass by before our eyes. We need to slow down and take time to appreciate everything around us. From our friends and loved ones, to the little gifts life presents us. Without conscious acknowledgement of time, we can often take our life for granted and see it slip by faster than we anticipated. Things have become even worse with technology and cell phones. We spend the majority of our time glued to our screens, that we miss the beauty life showcases around us.

Visit Dylan’s blog at handymanhealth.com!

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