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It’s Really Me: Be Flawed, be confident, be perfectly-not-filtered you



unspecified-28It’s Really Me symbolizes oneself being true to who they are. In a day and age that is based around social media, people are bound to be or act how the public eye perceives them.

A play on It’s Really Ken, Brandon Cole Bailey’s social media persona and book, It’s Really Ken symbolizes humans and the everyday life process we all experience. Just like a doll people are manipulated and bound by the constraints of our society while trying to appear perfect in an imperfect world. Brandon Cole Bailey and Represent will bring a line of items that are made to create a platform and opportunity for to express, celebrate and acknowledge who they truly are … Flawed and perfect.

Of course, you don’t want to forget to follow these beauties on Instagram, @itsreallyken and @avacapra. You can also follow the campaign on Facebook.

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Models: Brandon Cole Bailey & Ava Capra
Photography: Claes Lilja
MUS: @eddieartistry
Hair: 18/8 Mens Hair Salon

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