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Purple Party 2018

Purple Party 2018 begins a new journey for PrettyMaleModels. PMM has always been known for highlighting models and the photographers that capture their stunning images.

While not leaving that behind, We also recognize that there is so much more to cover! You will begin seeing our boys at circuit parties, concerts and out and about at clubs near you.

Purple Foundation produces several dance fundraisers and social events throughout the year. Purple Foundation’s premier dance fundraiser, Purple Party Weekend, is a sensational weekend of dance events featuring electrifying visual performances and music by some of the world’s most popular DJs. Purple Party Weekend attracts dance-music lovers from all over the world and is the largest nonprofit, all-volunteer charity dance weekend in the United States.  In addition to Purple Party Weekend, Purple Foundation produces Purple Pride Weekend, during Dallas Gay Pride Weekend, and several quarterly dance events at various Dallas venues.”

A few of our boys made their presence know at this years Purple Party Weekend! Check out some of the highlights below, and click here to get to know the boys!

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