Raising The Bar with Chris Butler

by Jay Austin

Chris Butler is all about raising the bar, doing new things and photographing stunning male models. His photos have allowed him to gain quite the following on social media. The sky is the limit for this young photographer. In this interview, Chris Butler discusses how he got into photography, his inspirations and what you can expect to see from him in 2017.

How did you get started in photography?
CB: Growing up, I always had a love for collecting photographs. I always collected pictures of my friends and displaying them in my 3 ring binder for school. It was see through in the front. Then I would spend $5.00 at Walmart and get the disposable cameras with the flash and you would get 25 pics. Then I finally got my first camera and it was a Kodak when I was 17, then my Canon one when I was 19 from my dad. To answer the question: all those things, just a love for capturing moments.

What is it about male models that draws you to photograph them?
CB: With male models, I would say their physique but also, if you really have a gift for art I really go for expression as well.

Who have been your favorite models to work with? Are there any models that you are hoping to work with?
CB: That’s so hard! I have been in the game 8 years and worked with some ideal people. I say Bryant wood for sure and I say Jeff Grant and Cody Jordan along with Colby Erskin as well.

Which photographers do you look to for inspiration?
CB: So many! I love Carlos Trey Salazar I think he’s an artist to watch. I love Michael Anthony downs he’s been an inspiration for many years. I think David Wagner is a huge influence on me when it comes to doing implied stuff. Matt Blum is one of my closest friends and always cherish the advice he gave me which was don’t worry about what everybody else is doing just work on perfecting your art your way.

What have you got in store for 2017?
CB: So many things! I am working on relaunching my style blog in which is called “CB Style” next month which will feature all my photography work. Plus a new photography book series that is focused on hotels rooms. I have Colby Erskin coming back playing a character in this series. It’s different from the stuff I have done in the past. I wanted to start this year raising the bar and doing new things. I will actually tell you the name to the first installment it is called “lits et hôtels” it’s inspired by the work Kevin McDermott did with Todd Sanfield. Something along those lines but more daring and mysterious as it will be a series.

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