Review: Male Power High Frequency Panel Short

One of my favorite things in the world is opening up a package (no pun intended) and finding a new pair of underwear. It sits there in its plastic prison waiting for me to take off the tags and slide them up my legs to where I can only imagine is underwear heaven.

This was the case when I opened my new pair of Male Power High Frequency Panel Shorts. It’s like the mailman knew I needed support that day (again, no pun intended) since I had recently had someone break my heart. A tale all too common I’m afraid, but these underwear gave my ass the hug they really needed and helped soothe the pain of feeling unwanted by making me feel hella sexy instead.

Male Power claims to offer “superior styling, comfort and fit” and I can attest to the fact they are indeed some of the softest, comfiest, butt hugging underwear I’ve worn in awhile. I also felt supported comfortably up front, which is a huge bonus.

My one negative in regards to these underwear is actually the interior tag – which I’ll be honest, is my big issue with most underwear brands. Part of buying new underwear should not have to include immediately cutting out an itchy tag… PRINT IT ON THE FABRIC. Once I had the tag fully removed though, it was 100% a pleasant experience.

Overall, I don’t think you’d be disappointed with a Male Power Panel Short purchase. Despite the tag removal, these underwear really are extremely comfortable, supportive and soft.

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