I don’t like jocks. I’ll be honest, that is not even in my top three choices for underwear styles when I’m shopping. If I want my ass exposed, I’ll just go commando my friends.

When asked to review this jock, I wasn’t overly excited to be honest. My concerns with past styles included the front not being comfortable enough, and if that’s the only support I have it better fit nice! Also, the back strap always seemed to ride up and ended up being higher than my pants, which is a big no no. Lastly, my concerns with previous jocks were the straps underneath my butt cheeks were rough and ended up causing me discomfort.

Maybe I’m the only one…?

Regardless, I wore the Male Power Athletic Mesh Sports Jock for a full day…which is rare. Not cause it’s a jock, just being in underwear that long. All my previous concerns were put to rest, with the small exception of the back strap coming up a little. Otherwise, it was comfortable (what?!), supportive (OMG) and made me wish someone was seeing me in them up close and personal (didn’t happen).

The mesh and fabric choices for this specific jock made all the difference and made me a believer that I could add this style to my underwear collection again.

Thank you, Male Power. You gave me hope.

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