Trophy Boy: Nick Mascardo

by Jay Austin

Nick is the 24 years old Andrew Christian Trophy Boy from Pensacola, Florida. He entered and won the 2016 Trophy Boy contest. Since then he has moved to San Diego, California.

In one sentence, describe Nick.
I am the friend you have to explain to your other friends before they meet me.

Tell us about how you were discovered and began your career.
I was discovered by winning The 2016 Andrew Christian Model Search Contest. I entered the contest and went through several months of voting and campaigning. This process was a lot like an election, everyone voted around the world, I had interviews, appearances and finally a group of judges voted on me. After winning Andrew Christian pushed me to my limits, they helped me break barriers, learn about modeling and also learn about myself. My career with this company has just begun and I am not planning on it ending anytime soon!

What was your motivation to enter the Trophy Boy contest?
My motivation for joining The 2016 Andrew Christian Model Search Contest was actually just the question of “Why not?” I was browsing on Instagram and I saw the AD in my explore page, and I thought to myself the pros and cons of sending in a picture and BOOM, I did it and I am glad I did!

Is modeling something you always wanted to do?
Modeling was not always something I aspired to do. I went to college and graduated with a 4-year degree in Marketing and Communications. I was always interested in marketing just never knew I would be marketing as a model!

Do you ever feel timid or shy in front of the camera?
Nope, not at all. When I first began I was nervous at seeing myself in the photos and now I realize that the only way to have good photos is to be confident! If your not confident in your photos it will show!

So far what has been the most exciting moment in modeling? What has been most difficult?
The most exciting part of modeling so far has honestly been shooting the holiday themed videos, its amazing to be able to live each holiday twice a year! The most difficult part of modeling for me is the business side, I tend to get so caught up in the glamour I sometime forget its a job.

How would you describe your personal style, where do you pull your inspiration?
Honestly, I just pull my inspiration for my style from random places, I like to dress in what I personally find attractive to me.

Where would our readers likely find you in your free time?
I am usually hitting the beach, and if I am not there I am either at the gym or eating tons of food that is bad for me somewhere!

Quick Facts about Nick

  • Favorite Food: Sushi
  • Favorite Singer/Band: Stevie Wonder
  • Favorite Movie: Fight Club
  • Physical Asset: Nationality ( Skin Tone)
  • Favorite Brand of Underwear: Andrew Christian
  • Favorite Style of Underwear: Jock
  • Bedtime Attire: Nothing

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